What are your biggest dreams? How do you want your life to be in 1 year, 3 years, 10 years?

Once you figure out about these questions, you should create a budget and start working to achieve your goals for a good life and financial freedom.

Webstar Budget Book will help you create your budget and track your expenses, income and bills with easy step by step methods.


Package Contents


📔 Webstar Budget Book

📔 3 Webstar Budget Helper envelopes

📔 2 Sheets of stickers with totally 160 colorful stickers


Dimensions of Budget Book : 8,2 in x 5,9 in (21 cm x 15 cm)

Dimensions of Budget Envelopes : 6.7 in x 3,3 in (17 cm x 8,5 cm)


Contents Of Webstar Budget Book


📔 3 Pages For User Manual and Table Examples

📔 1 Page For Road Map

📔 1 Page For Goals

📔 1 Page For Yearly Goals

📔 2 Pages For 2019-2020 Calendars

📔 4 Pages For Notes

📔 1 Page For Monthly Goals x 12 Months

📔 2 Pages For Monthly Budget x 12 Months

📔 4 Pages For Spending Summary & Daily Bill Tracker x 12 Months

📔 4 Pages For Debt Tracker

📔 4 Pages For Savings Tracker

📔 2 Pages For Sinking Funds

📔 2 Pages For Christmas Budget, Gifts & Spending Summary

📔 2 Pages For Total Monthly Summaries

📔 1 Page For Ending Summary


Totally 112 pages that contains eveything you need for a cute newborn baby budget


With 7 pages for each month, you can track your expenses by categories day by day.

You will have enough space for 365 days.

Write your spendings daily, weekly or monthly.

You can use categories written by us and also create your own categories like travel,food,fitness,pregnancy,wedding.


Note: Colors of cash envelopes can be different from the photos according to our material stock