You want to control your budget and save your money? You are looking at the right solution.


You read enough about budgeting from finance books. Cash envelopes are a great way to control monthly spending. You can use our product as a budget planner, coupon organizer or bill organizer. The envelope system is a key component for getting out of debt and financial freedom. There are tables for tracking monthly and yearly budget, actual expenses and the difference in front and tables for tracking your expenses on behind.


Package Contents


✉ 12 Budget Helper envelopes

✉ 1 User manual


Dimensions of Envelopes : 6,7 in x 3,3 in (17 cm x 8,5 cm)

Dimensions of Leatherette zipper bag : 7,5 in x 4,3 in x 0,2 in (19 cm x 11 cm x 0,5 cm)


How To Use Guide


1) Create a budget that reflects your current financial situation.

2) List all your expense categories to spend in cash Ex. Groceries Entertainment Clothing Gas etc.

3) Fill each envelope with the money allotted in your budget and write the name of the category on the envelopes. Ex. If you have budgeted $600 for groceries put $600 in your groceries envelope.

4) Spend money from the envelopes as needed for each category. Try to finish the month with the money in each envelope. This will help you stay in budget and learn disciplined spending.

5) If you have leftover cash in your envelope at the end of the month save it or put it into next month’s budget.

6) Don't give up! It will take time to fine tune your budget. Give it a few months and don't be too hard on yourself.


Note: Colors of cash envelopes can be different from the photos according to our material stock